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When you’re 13 going on 30

So, today I was driving home from work/apartment shopping, and I stopped at a red light just to see a roaming pack of preteens, all girls, in some skimpy skirts, cellphones, and Starbucks. Of course, I sighed, shook my head, and started ranting to my roommate.

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Mix one serving of angst, three servings of bubble and cheer, one tablespoon of adult, a pinch of old woman, and a dash of child and….that’s me!

Obviously I’m not the only one that’s making the leap from “childhood” to adulthood, but it’s still something new for the majority of us!

Moving, living on our own, buying cars, starting new jobs, making new friends… they’re all things that we might have been prepped well for, or not at all.

I’ve come into this new phase of life knowledgeable about some things, still clueless about others. I’ve had successes, and I know that there are failures awaiting me. There are new responsibilities facing me and new ways that I’m being seen.

Hell, my niece told me that I’m old and I should have a car… Well, I do now hun!

There are people who are my age that are getting married and having kids, something that apparently comes in rounds. Those who marry now, those who marry after grad school, and those who do it when they’re a bit older. I see myself as the third. Maybe I’ll have my first child at 37, you know, travel the world first, enjoy time with my spouse, experience many things.

There definitely are great points about being an adult. I mean, you get to get drunk at dinners while it’s storming outside PLUS you can still bitch about crappy writing in a certain manga…

I guess the reason that I’m writing this is that it feels a bit surreal, being seen as an adult. For the younger ones, I’m not that old, I might be 4 or 5 years older than you. It comes quickly, so enjoy those moments of not having responsibilities. Enjoy high school and college. Travel, try things, make it worth your while; because it all ends way too fast.


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On Navigating Awkwardness

So, it’s no secret that I’m very very awkward. I mean, like my whole life is just…yikes!

I’m that person who, when I don’t know if I should say hi to someone, will go to the ends of the Earth to avoid making eye contact with or talking to that person. I don’t know why, it’s just my instinctual reaction!

So to help you awkward folks (and myself) out, here are some tips to get you out of your comfort zone and right into the action zone/frying pan/the cruel cruel real world. And they totally work! Yep 100% not a chance of failure!*

Say hi to those people. yes, the people you see but avoid even breathing the same air. They might be wondering why you’re so standoffish, and then that confusion might turn into resentment and they might just think of you as a dick…So break the ice and wave hello. If they don’t wave back, just whip and nae nae outta that room.


Go on that date. Be it through Tinder, Grindr, or (gasp!!!) in real life, there could be that special person just waiting for you! You might click with that person, or that date might be a complete dud. But this is your chance to test out your flirting skills! Maybe get a free meal or try something new. The world is your oyster! It’s not like they’re going to stalk you on LinkedIn or anything…


Leave that phone at home. Because we all know you’re not doing anything important with it! It’ll be easier to make friends, especially with that enchanting gentleman who decides to enlighten you about his broken thumb. Cheers to new friends!

Be yourself! Being awkward sucks sometimes. There will be days that you just sit there and think about the one (or many) embarrassing moments that make your stomach curl into itself and where you just want to hide from the world. It’s alright though, Chipotle and a comfy bed never lets you down.**


*They do not.

**Except for E.coli or whatever.






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Terressentials Hair Wash

Hello, it me! On my previous post, I stated that I would do a review of Terressentials, and here it is!

Basically, it all started with a leftover bottle of the Left Coast Lemon that I had in my mom’s bathroom. Quite frankly, after using it, I was surprised that I stopped using it. To this day, I still can’t figure it out, but I digress…

Since I moved to Madison, I’ve been looking for places to get natural hair products. What I found instead was the Community Pharmacy on State Street. Rather than having to buy one bottle of Terressentials on the website and paying $10 in shipping (yep it’s that high), I get to walk to a store that’s about 3 blocks away from me, and pay about the same for one bottle! Plus, I can special order any variety that I want, should I not see it at the store.

According to the website, Terressentials hair wash is supposed to rid the hair of any plastics, silicones, etc. while gently cleansing by absorbing excess dirt and oil. There is also a detox period in which you are supposed to wash your hair with the product for seven days. I kind of did my own twist to this detox period by washing my hair with it once, letting it stay for a few hours, and then washing it every three or so days.

I usually mix about a quarter of a small bottle of the clay wash and fill the rest with water. I then section my hair, pour some of the mixture in the different sections all the while scrubbing my scalp and smoothing the mixture down my hair. I would then twist those sections and put a plastic cap (or plastic bag) over my hair for a bit and then go about my business (I usually fall asleep).

Hair with product

I should probably warn you all because this stuff is really messy. Be prepared to clean it up or have lots of newspapers!

Other than that, I’ve been using the Lavender Garden hair wash and I LOVE IT. It smells divine, it’s moisturizing, and I haven’t felt the need to use any other kind of conditioner or deep conditioner. My only gripe with the product is that it’s a bit drippy and doesn’t have much slip, but it’s clay, so I’m not too sure what I was expecting…

I normally finger detangle my hair while I’m under the showerhead since the water pushes my hair down either way. So basically, I’m sitting under cool water for about 40 minutes while smoothing my hair down, detangling, and re-twisting my hair.

After that, I wrap a cotton shirt around my head, lotion up, grab my Alaffia hair lotion, olive oil, and Trader Joe’s aloe vera gel, and get to work!

alf-00134-6 20160731_173502

Since I was going out the next day, I decided to do a braid out and this was the result!

Praises to the ancestors for this hair!!!

(Not pictured: me looking like Felisha)

The best thing about this product is that it has saved me a lot of time. My hair is so soft that sometimes I just find my hands running through my strands, and I’m still in awe. I’m not too sure if I will continue the no deep conditioner regimen that I just started, but I haven’t finished my Shea Moisture deep conditioners plus I’m planning to invest in a steamer. So the answer is probably not.


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Let’s Talk About Shorts…

So, I moved to Madison not too long ago, and so far summer here has been…well, summer-y. It’s hot one day, humid the next, and when both of those things happen…well, you’re pretty much screwed.

So naturally, when it’s hot and I don’t want to repeat the mistake of overdressing in the heat, I wear shorts. No big deal right?


For some reason, when I came to the Midwest, I expected hospitality, kindness, courtesy, you know. But this morning, and I’m talking about 7 in the morning, when I went to get my car, some douchebag really just had the nerve to slow down, leer at me, and freaking yell obscenities at me. Like he legit yelled “I want to fuck you.

Like really? Who even does that?

I tend to feel self conscious when wearing shorts because, despite the fact that I’m rather slim, my lower body is a bit curvy. Don’t get me wrong, I love it! But when I wear anything that remotely hikes up at the back, I just feel like someone’s just leering, and are about to say something. And they do. And it sucks.

There’s nothing worse than some scumbag leaning out of his car and just ruining my day by making me feel gross. 

Catcalling. It’s not cool. It’s weird. Like, are you seriously expecting us to chase you down while asking for your number?


Simmer down thirsty ones! Let me wear my shorts in peace!


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So…it’s been a while. I wanted to update like two months ago, but life happened I guess. Since the, I’ve graduated university, spent time with family in New York, Philly, and Florida, attended a Beyonce concert with my lovely cousin, moved to a new state, and started a new job. So yeah, life is pretty hectic, but I love it!

The reason I’m writing today, I guess, is that I had a pretty weird/kind of normal experience last night. I went out with a few friends, had dinner, grabbed some drinks. You know, the “normal” things that 20-somethings do.

But, yesterday, this older lady came up to me and gushed about how lovely I looked, with my “effortless” bun, beautiful dress, smooth skin, and amazing hair. Granted, I was flattered, especially since she complimented me without touching me (it’s happened before, people have literally just reached their hands into my hair without permission).

The bizarre thing was when she kept repeating that she’d “kill” to have hair and skin like mine, while I was just there smiling, laughing, kind of drunk. But thinking about it today, it’s just strange that the things that I hated about myself when I was younger are the things that people are kind of enticed by. I think my wording is off, but hopefully you catch my drift.

What I’m meaning to say is that we hear so much about people hating the bodies that they were born in. Azealia Banks and Lil’ Kim bleaching their skin, you know. Those two women are beautiful, but it’s so sad that they find it necessary to alter themselves. I think I’m kind of rambling today. It’s just been such a weird time for me, growing into myself and loving myself.

Anyway, hopefully I’ll be able to update more. I have a bottle of Terressentials that I’m dying to do a review on, plus I’ve been indigoing my hair! So, until then, stay safe and love yourselves!


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Salon Review!

So in honor of the trending #blacksalonproblems, I decided to hit up a salon that I’ve been hearing rave reviews about.

Just kidding! I’d actually made an appointment almost two months before for my graduation. It’s called Simply Erinn’s, and it’s nestled in the lovely Cambridge, Massachusetts, near MIT.


The salon itself was so cute, with it being quite small and cozy. Not to mention the fact that as soon as I entered, I was received with a warm welcome by the stylists. Erinn came over, introduced herself, and shook my hand. I then received a form to fill out that documented my hair story. I needed to note any allergies, products that I use, colorings, trims, you know, the whole nine yards.

While I was sitting and filling those things out, the other stylists came over and introduced themselves and they all conversed rather happily.

I was led over to the shampooing area by another stylist and Erinn came over, sat down, and asked me about my regimen. She also had the stylist explain the reasoning behind everything that they did. That they would be shampooing my hair multiple times in order to get rid of the buildup that was on my hair. She also explained the fact that the shampoo that they were using is more formulated for our hair, the type that was naturally dry because of the inability of sebum to travel as easily down our hair shafts. As such, the shampooing would not be stripping. Which was understandable because I’m pretty sure my hair has been dry because of the buildup.

The shampooing and conditioning was, with no better words, AMAZING. Normally, when I go to a salon, the stylists tend to use their nails, and I’m just like…why God? But this time around, she used the pads of her fingers and I haven’t had a scalp massage like that since…well, ever. Even when detangling my hair, she used a wide toothed comb, which is just a blessing because people tend to complain about the following:


And I felt pretty much no pain. That’s saying something because my eyes pretty much well up at the simply pull of my hair. Yeah. After getting my hair conditioned, moisturized, and plaited up, I was sent off to the chair for my blowout. I was looking at my hair like, woah, yesss! It has grown! Look mom!

So Erinn came up, explained some more things about my hair, put heat protectant in my hair, and started flat ironing away. While this was happening, I was having a pretty insightful conversation with another stylist, who was just hilarious, I loved it. Erinn remarked on the differences in texture between the top half of my hair and the bottom half.

She’d asked me if I had any kind of chemical treatments, color, etc. because the difference was just strange. She kept trying to figure it out. Then she asked me if I wet my hair a lot. Bingo. Basically, me wetting my hair, in the shower and in general, without putting something moisturizing on it, damaged my hair over time. So I’d have to get a cut. How much? Like five inches…


I could feel the difference. And I wanted to throw a tantrum and cry, because how could I be so dumb? I was just looking at my hair like…but it’s at bra strap…I worked so hard! Long story short, we negotiated that cut down to like 2-3 inches because I was not about that mini chop life. Not at the moment. She grabbed those clippers and all I could see were my fallen strands.

RIP my fallen friends

Then she set about curling my hair and stuff. She wasn’t satisfied with her results as the lower portion of my hair wouldn’t hold the curl. I was really touched by her determination and her perfectionist tendency, because I thought it looked good. It just shows that she’s really committed to perfection in her salon and I give her props for that.

Overall, I give this salon a 10/10 for their standards, customer service, and the service in general. I truly wished that I was able to discover this gem earlier because I feel that this salon has spoiled me. If you’re interested, you can visit to book an appointment!

Hopefully, I’ll be able to find one like this in Wisconsin, but let’s be honest. I won’t.

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Looking Ahead (Again…)

So, I’ll be graduating in T minus 12 days and I’m super excited! I’ll finally receive that degree that I’ve been working my bum off for..forever. I’ll moving to a new city in a new state,and starting a new job in July. So this is definitely a new chapter in my life.

It seems so unreal that I’m sitting here, post-finals, playing Town of Salem with my roommate, and lounging around, and I’m done. I’ve ordered my cap and gown, tried on my dresses for graduation and formal. Senior week is just around the corner. Much debauchery to have and memories to be made.

There’s this sense of hope and happiness that I have knowing that I’m graduating, but I also feel sadness knowing how much everything is going to change. I won’t be returning to the familiar faces of my friends and roommates. I won’t be able to casually go to my friends’ rooms to hang out, because they’ll be thousands of miles away from me.

I’m not sweating it though. I’m looking forward to all of the things that being a working woman has to offer. I want to be able to make new friends, learn new things, drive and live by myself. I don’t want to have to depend on others for things that I want or need.


So for now, later! I’ll probably post about graduation!