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Pinterest, Faux Locs, Protective Styles Oh My!

So, like many people, I love trolling Pinterest for style ideas and totally not looking at wedding dresses that fit my shape and future budget once I get rich. I especially love looking at the type 4 haired girls rocking their curls, coils, and kinks; so naturally, I end up running into people with protectives styles.

And then the spiral begins.

I start looking at box braids styles. Then chunky twists, crochet braids, and finally faux locs.

Gorgeous right?

So, I’ve decided, since I’ve been reevaluating my hair journey thus far. I think I mentioned this in the “Regretting the Big Chop” piece, but I spent the greater part of my time being newly natural wearing braids.

But now, I’m going to do that again as I’ve realized that a large part of my ability to retain length came from me wearing protective styles. As such, for the next couple of months (maybe 6 or 12), I’ll be wearing protective styles for 6 to 8 weeks, then I will give my hair about 2 weeks to rest.

During those two weeks, I plan to give my hair hot oil treatments, henna (since I’m continuing with that), a protein treatment to prepare it for the next protective style, and deep conditioning treatments since I would  prefer not to be bald.

I love my hair, I truly do! But, I’ve been itching to put some braids, or rather, faux locs in my hair. They’re just so beautiful! Plus, I’m sure that the lack of manipulation will help in my hair goals. I think if all goes well, I should make it back to mid-back length and eventually I’ll be on my way to waist length…maybe.

Anyway. Here’s to happy and health hair journeys and lovely autumns!



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