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Hair Regimen for Autumn/Fall

As summer winds down, the sweaters, the boots, the scarves, and the lattes start coming out. Yep it’s getting colder, at least here in Wisconsin.

We still have a few more days of warm weather, but from the projected forecasts, the highs will start being in the 60s (or about 15-20 for you Celsius users!).

So in preparation for the dropping temperatures and dew points, I’ve slightly altered my natural hair regimen.

I still plan to wash my hair with the Terressentials hair wash (sultry spice ;)) while deep conditioning with some Shea Moisture product. I’ve been mixing the Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque and the Dandruff Control Masque. I also add in a few drops of peppermint oil for the tingly sensation and the growth benefits.

shea-moisture-african-black-soap-dandruff-control-hair-masque-12-oz-2-02 deeptreatmentnow-07585-2

I’ve also been incorporating weekly hot oil treatments in which I mix castor, almond, coconut, and peppermint oils in a bottle, which I apply to my hair for about 30 minutes before washing while wrapping a warm towel around my hair. I find that it makes my hair softer and easier to manage on wash day, especially since I finger detangle my hair.

Now, more than ever, I try to add protein treatments, using the Aphogee keratin 2 minute reconstructor, to my regimen since I already know that my hair is going to be subjected to more wear and tear due to the colder weather, scarves, and perhaps me installing a long term protective style.

THIS. Not the 2 step treatment.

At the moment, I still use the Alaffia hair lotion, especially since I love the orange-y smell and its lightness. I also seal with jojoba oil since it’s light, it’s very close to the makeup of your hair’s sebum (so it moisturizes better), and it just makes my hair feel amazing.

134__94705-1444943134-300-375                  31tvbbki6rl-_sy355_1

I plan to switch the moisturizer and the sealant if I find that my hair doesn’t like these products in the winter. I love castor oil, but I’m not a fan of it as a sealant. I prefer to apply it to my problem spots.

As for the henna…I’m not planning to stop. I might be addicted haha, but I really love the benefits, not to mention the fact that my hair did pretty well last winter when I was hennaing my hair.

Finally, one of the most important parts of one’s regimen is one’s health. Since the body needs more water as it gets colder, I plan to adjust my intake to reflect that and my activity level. I track my water intake using the hydro coach app. I tend to meet the goals because I hate seeing the sad little waterdrop.

Poor baby

I’ve also been upping my intake of vegetables ands fruits since I’ve been eating salads for lunch (without dressing, because ew), I still drink a spinach/kale and mango smoothie in the evenings, with regular breakfast and dinner meals (still doing the pescetarian-ish diet). As for working out, there’s been kind of a tiny pause. Not because I’m lazy or unmotivated, but because I got a belly button piercing. So, I’m giving it a few days and then I’ll be getting back on that.

So here’s to a happy and healthy fall! Boo for winter.






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