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Back to School: A Great Must-Have

So many of the kiddies (and young adults, heck even adult adults) are either going back to school this week, or have already gone back to school. Since I’ve graduated, I don’t have to worry about that, but in a couple of years, probably.

I assume that you all have your pens, pencils, calculators, laptops, and syllabi ready? You’ve made sure that your outfits are killer? Hair on fleek or whatever?

But, do you have your self esteem in check?

Something strange happened to me today, and it caused me to slip for one second and question my self worth. That one second came thiiis close to ruining my day. I’m still mad about it, but I won’t get into details. I’ll probably write about it when I’m ready.

Sometimes, I think, why do I get upset over these things? People say stupid things. People don’t matter. People can be ignorant.

Well, I was a sensitive kid. You could have looked at me the wrong way and my eyes would start welling up, my throat would constrict, and my cheeks would burn. I guess that trait carried over somewhat into this part of my life.

I’m pretty sure I’ve said this before, but when I was growing up, my self esteem was shot. It was even worse when I moved to the US as a hormonal, prepubescent little girl. I was skinny, dark, had an accent, and I was shy.

Naturally, with all of this, kids found something to pick on me about. My accent coupled with my shyness caused me to never speak up. I didn’t even want to order food in a restaurant.

Luckily for me, I had a family that got 100% behind me. Sure, there was a bit of tough love and I might have hated them for it at the time, but they supported my education, made me join clubs, forced me to do the best that I could. Hell, now I realize that I could have done even better. But now, I’m educated, I have a pretty good job, and I have unlimited prospects for the future that will be further opened up when I go to graduate school.

I’ve been able to travel to different parts of the world, learn about different cultures and languages, study with people of different ages and of different backgrounds, hike at 5 in the morning with new friends. It’s an amazing life, but I still get boggled down at times by the words of others.

It me
It me

So imagine the people who are unlucky enough to not have such a support system. How do you think they feel when people question their whole purpose or existence with no support systems behind them?

Be kind.

Critiquing someone isn’t the same as insulting them. Especially for the younger ones and their caretakers, teach them to be kind. Their words may have an everlasting impact on someone that is vulnerable.

With that being said, take care and enjoy the school year. I’m definitely missing the uni/college lifestyle.


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