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I was going to write about my fitness journey so far. Well, I don’t think I can call it that since it’s been about two days. But I’m cheesing so much right now.

My nephew has finally arrived and I don’t think pictures have ever made me so happy! I’m feeling so many things right now.

I’m proud. I’m anxious. I’m a bit tearful. But I’m just so excited!

I’m excited that he’s here, but also I want to protect him.

Hearing his little cries over the phone cemented the fact that he’s here.

I never want him to experience the hate of this world. I only want him to experience joy and love. I know it isn’t possible, so for now, I hope his infancy and childhood are full of growth, love, happiness, and learning.

Though I won’t be able to see him until November, I know my family will give him the utmost care and love.

I can’t wait to hold him in my arms. Welcome to the world little one.


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