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So I’m finding the need to reevaluate all, or at least parts, of my life since I almost fell off a rocky cliff last weekend.Trust me, it’s not as serious as it sounds; but seriously, don’t wear sandals while hiking in a place called Devil’s Lake. Actually, just don’t wear sandals while hiking at all.

But yes, I did go to the lovely Devil’s Lake in Baraboo, Wisconsin. My, was it lovely! The day was clear, skies were blue and almost crystal-like, and the temperature was perfect for hiking. There was a slight chill, but that eased up when we were a-moving.

We’re up way higher than you think…

We hiked up towards balanced rock, passed by the beach, where I found these little guys:

Small fry

The thing about hiking at Devil’s Lake is that we’re in the Midwest. Here, in the Midwest, during any given day, it can AND WILL rain and then be gorgeous in the next moment. So, combine already slippery rocks with water and sandals that have no grip whatsoever, and you get me who almost falls down a trail of rocks.

The thing that was mind boggling about today was how out of shape I realized I was. Pretty much up until a few days ago, when I moved into my new apartment, I was eating rather unhealthily…Chipotle all day amirite???

I also wouldn’t exercise as often or as long as a normally would since my earphones broke. It’s quite amazing how much music has an impact on my ability to push myself, but that’s a different story. Long and short of it is that I got lazy.

SO, now I have a new plan. I’m just going to ease myself into this new healthy thing. I’m already transitioning…to becoming a pescetarian. Which, in the Midwest, is so bloody expensive. I’ve never seen fish for $30 a pound. Again, a different story. I make a spinach and mango smoothie for my veggie intake. I have a breakfast of eggs, bagel, plain yogurt, granola, some kind of fruit, and a cup of tea to top it off.

Though, I’m gonna go in on that Korean bbq next weekend!


Oh, I also take my multivitamins because sometimes I don’t get to keep my promises to myself. 

Also, I bought a new pair of earphones. They’re cheap, but they’ll do until I invest in a new pair (Beats maybe?). I’m planning to work out this week. I’ll push myself to do so, especially since I tend to be exhausted after work. But health is wealth you know?


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