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Le Chat

So, this past weekend I made the move of a lifetime!

…Or the move of the year if I’m being quite honest. But, I moved into a new apartment and I’m so happy with it! Not only is it spacious with a beautiful kitchen and living area (with an island!!!), but it also has a lovely large master bedroom…which I lost the coin toss on…but next year!

So, I have the smaller room, but I also have my own bathroom, which was absolutely crucial. Best of all, I get an underground parking spot! Yep. No more getting up early to avoid my car getting towed. I get to sleep in, and that in itself is beautiful.

But, the definition of beauty is this little guy here:

cute cat

This cute little boy here is my roommate’s cat. His name is Mango and he’s such a sweetheart!

My roommate adopted him at the Dane County Humane Society, here in Wisconsin, during Catapalooza (waived cat adoption fees) and it’s just been great!


He comes up to us and just relishes in all of our attention. Whenever he wants to be petted, he just headbutts our hand and then he just lays there and closes his eyes (or stares, but whatever).

Honestly, he’s one of the greatest things to come home to and I’m just happy that he can now call our place home. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get his dog sibling sometime soon!


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