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Doing things!

So…I did this thing, and I’m so proud of it! I feel like I’m on my merry way to being an actual person. I kind of think that without doing this, one cannot really say that they’ve completed one of the milestones that is needed to be a fully functioning person. 

Yes, I bought a bed!

Me, soon…

But not just any kind of bed, my dears. I got a queen sized bed! I’ve officially graduated from this twin-xl nonsense! I’m a grown woman!

Yeah, I know I’m way too excited, but it’s just such a nice feeling going into a furniture store and not being dragged in by parents (or aunts and uncles) looking for furniture. It’s nice that I’m the one that is creating my own space.

Going there, after doing my research on what I want, laying on other beds, smiling through the salesperson trying to sell me a $3000 bed (I’m not quite at that point yet), and standing my ground to the bed that I’d originally settled on. It’s a good feeling.

Granted, I only bought the mattress and the protector, because I’m not paying $180 for a bed frame (hello thrift store!), but having bought my own bed is such a freeing feeling, because at least I know I’ll be sleeping even better at night. You know, more space for me…

AND my dog, because that’s coming soon!

Me, soon….hopefully

Yes, I went to the animal shelter with my dear roomie, and she’s fallen in love with a few cats; whereas, I’ve fallen in love with a few dogs. So come December or so, I might have a new addition! Stay tuned for that and cheers!




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