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Mix one serving of angst, three servings of bubble and cheer, one tablespoon of adult, a pinch of old woman, and a dash of child and….that’s me!

Obviously I’m not the only one that’s making the leap from “childhood” to adulthood, but it’s still something new for the majority of us!

Moving, living on our own, buying cars, starting new jobs, making new friends… they’re all things that we might have been prepped well for, or not at all.

I’ve come into this new phase of life knowledgeable about some things, still clueless about others. I’ve had successes, and I know that there are failures awaiting me. There are new responsibilities facing me and new ways that I’m being seen.

Hell, my niece told me that I’m old and I should have a car… Well, I do now hun!

There are people who are my age that are getting married and having kids, something that apparently comes in rounds. Those who marry now, those who marry after grad school, and those who do it when they’re a bit older. I see myself as the third. Maybe I’ll have my first child at 37, you know, travel the world first, enjoy time with my spouse, experience many things.

There definitely are great points about being an adult. I mean, you get to get drunk at dinners while it’s storming outside PLUS you can still bitch about crappy writing in a certain manga…

I guess the reason that I’m writing this is that it feels a bit surreal, being seen as an adult. For the younger ones, I’m not that old, I might be 4 or 5 years older than you. It comes quickly, so enjoy those moments of not having responsibilities. Enjoy high school and college. Travel, try things, make it worth your while; because it all ends way too fast.



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