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Terressentials Hair Wash

Hello, it me! On my previous post, I stated that I would do a review of Terressentials, and here it is!

Basically, it all started with a leftover bottle of the Left Coast Lemon that I had in my mom’s bathroom. Quite frankly, after using it, I was surprised that I stopped using it. To this day, I still can’t figure it out, but I digress…

Since I moved to Madison, I’ve been looking for places to get natural hair products. What I found instead was the Community Pharmacy on State Street. Rather than having to buy one bottle of Terressentials on the website and paying $10 in shipping (yep it’s that high), I get to walk to a store that’s about 3 blocks away from me, and pay about the same for one bottle! Plus, I can special order any variety that I want, should I not see it at the store.

According to the website, Terressentials hair wash is supposed to rid the hair of any plastics, silicones, etc. while gently cleansing by absorbing excess dirt and oil. There is also a detox period in which you are supposed to wash your hair with the product for seven days. I kind of did my own twist to this detox period by washing my hair with it once, letting it stay for a few hours, and then washing it every three or so days.

I usually mix about a quarter of a small bottle of the clay wash and fill the rest with water. I then section my hair, pour some of the mixture in the different sections all the while scrubbing my scalp and smoothing the mixture down my hair. I would then twist those sections and put a plastic cap (or plastic bag) over my hair for a bit and then go about my business (I usually fall asleep).

Hair with product

I should probably warn you all because this stuff is really messy. Be prepared to clean it up or have lots of newspapers!

Other than that, I’ve been using the Lavender Garden hair wash and I LOVE IT. It smells divine, it’s moisturizing, and I haven’t felt the need to use any other kind of conditioner or deep conditioner. My only gripe with the product is that it’s a bit drippy and doesn’t have much slip, but it’s clay, so I’m not too sure what I was expecting…

I normally finger detangle my hair while I’m under the showerhead since the water pushes my hair down either way. So basically, I’m sitting under cool water for about 40 minutes while smoothing my hair down, detangling, and re-twisting my hair.

After that, I wrap a cotton shirt around my head, lotion up, grab my Alaffia hair lotion, olive oil, and Trader Joe’s aloe vera gel, and get to work!

alf-00134-6 20160731_173502

Since I was going out the next day, I decided to do a braid out and this was the result!

Praises to the ancestors for this hair!!!

(Not pictured: me looking like Felisha)

The best thing about this product is that it has saved me a lot of time. My hair is so soft that sometimes I just find my hands running through my strands, and I’m still in awe. I’m not too sure if I will continue the no deep conditioner regimen that I just started, but I haven’t finished my Shea Moisture deep conditioners plus I’m planning to invest in a steamer. So the answer is probably not.



4 thoughts on “Terressentials Hair Wash

  1. What do you mean when you say you have started a no deep conditioner regimen? Do you mean you are going to stop deep conditioning? If so what was your reason? and thanks for sharing great information 😉

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    1. Not really, I guess I worded that badly actually haha. I just moved to a city and I didn’t bring my heating cap (which was dumb), so I’m pretty much going to stop deep conditioning until I get a new one/get a steamer. I’m planning to invest in a steamer either this weekend or next. Thank you for the kind comment and have a wonderful evening!


      1. Ohh ok cool. I totally understand that. Sometimes it just happens your forget things lol Same to you enjoy the rest of your day 🙂

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