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Looking Ahead (Again…)

So, I’ll be graduating in T minus 12 days and I’m super excited! I’ll finally receive that degree that I’ve been working my bum off for..forever. I’ll moving to a new city in a new state,and starting a new job in July. So this is definitely a new chapter in my life.

It seems so unreal that I’m sitting here, post-finals, playing Town of Salem with my roommate, and lounging around, and I’m done. I’ve ordered my cap and gown, tried on my dresses for graduation and formal. Senior week is just around the corner. Much debauchery to have and memories to be made.

There’s this sense of hope and happiness that I have knowing that I’m graduating, but I also feel sadness knowing how much everything is going to change. I won’t be returning to the familiar faces of my friends and roommates. I won’t be able to casually go to my friends’ rooms to hang out, because they’ll be thousands of miles away from me.

I’m not sweating it though. I’m looking forward to all of the things that being a working woman has to offer. I want to be able to make new friends, learn new things, drive and live by myself. I don’t want to have to depend on others for things that I want or need.


So for now, later! I’ll probably post about graduation!



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