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“Dealing” with Natural Hair

So the other day (meaning a long time ago), I was speaking with an older cousin of mine. By older, I mean like mid-thirties. Quite frankly, our conversation made me sad.

Basically, she pulled on one of my strands and said the following “your hair would be so long and pretty if you just put some cream in it,” by this, she means a relaxer. So, naturally, me being respectful, I just laugh and said that no I like my hair the way it is.

So then, she pretty much responds saying that my hair is just a phase, and that I’ll come to my senses, blah, blah blah. 


I love my family and all, but obviously, this pissed me off. Apparently me wearing the hair that grows out of my head in its natural form is a phase? How? When? Why? Where?

I perfectly understand that not everyone is going to accept my hair journey, but when someone belittles you for the reasoning that, get this: they failed their own natural hair journeys makes no sense to me.

Frankly, I like washing, detangling, hennaing, and just all around messing with my hair. It’s fun! I love how I can wear an afro one day, straighten it the next day, and then do something else later. Hell, I love the compliments, the stares, and the questions I get. Yeah, I know I’m unique, I’ll flaunt it!

Bottom line is, when nobody calls for you, don’t come after them.


6 thoughts on ““Dealing” with Natural Hair

    1. They really do. If they don’t find the need to comment on someone’s straight hair, there’s no need to comment on my natural hair. Better yet, they should mind their own businesses. Thanks for commenting!


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