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Salon Review!

So in honor of the trending #blacksalonproblems, I decided to hit up a salon that I’ve been hearing rave reviews about.

Just kidding! I’d actually made an appointment almost two months before for my graduation. It’s called Simply Erinn’s, and it’s nestled in the lovely Cambridge, Massachusetts, near MIT.


The salon itself was so cute, with it being quite small and cozy. Not to mention the fact that as soon as I entered, I was received with a warm welcome by the stylists. Erinn came over, introduced herself, and shook my hand. I then received a form to fill out that documented my hair story. I needed to note any allergies, products that I use, colorings, trims, you know, the whole nine yards.

While I was sitting and filling those things out, the other stylists came over and introduced themselves and they all conversed rather happily.

I was led over to the shampooing area by another stylist and Erinn came over, sat down, and asked me about my regimen. She also had the stylist explain the reasoning behind everything that they did. That they would be shampooing my hair multiple times in order to get rid of the buildup that was on my hair. She also explained the fact that the shampoo that they were using is more formulated for our hair, the type that was naturally dry because of the inability of sebum to travel as easily down our hair shafts. As such, the shampooing would not be stripping. Which was understandable because I’m pretty sure my hair has been dry because of the buildup.

The shampooing and conditioning was, with no better words, AMAZING. Normally, when I go to a salon, the stylists tend to use their nails, and I’m just like…why God? But this time around, she used the pads of her fingers and I haven’t had a scalp massage like that since…well, ever. Even when detangling my hair, she used a wide toothed comb, which is just a blessing because people tend to complain about the following:


And I felt pretty much no pain. That’s saying something because my eyes pretty much well up at the simply pull of my hair. Yeah. After getting my hair conditioned, moisturized, and plaited up, I was sent off to the chair for my blowout. I was looking at my hair like, woah, yesss! It has grown! Look mom!

So Erinn came up, explained some more things about my hair, put heat protectant in my hair, and started flat ironing away. While this was happening, I was having a pretty insightful conversation with another stylist, who was just hilarious, I loved it. Erinn remarked on the differences in texture between the top half of my hair and the bottom half.

She’d asked me if I had any kind of chemical treatments, color, etc. because the difference was just strange. She kept trying to figure it out. Then she asked me if I wet my hair a lot. Bingo. Basically, me wetting my hair, in the shower and in general, without putting something moisturizing on it, damaged my hair over time. So I’d have to get a cut. How much? Like five inches…


I could feel the difference. And I wanted to throw a tantrum and cry, because how could I be so dumb? I was just looking at my hair like…but it’s at bra strap…I worked so hard! Long story short, we negotiated that cut down to like 2-3 inches because I was not about that mini chop life. Not at the moment. She grabbed those clippers and all I could see were my fallen strands.

RIP my fallen friends

Then she set about curling my hair and stuff. She wasn’t satisfied with her results as the lower portion of my hair wouldn’t hold the curl. I was really touched by her determination and her perfectionist tendency, because I thought it looked good. It just shows that she’s really committed to perfection in her salon and I give her props for that.

Overall, I give this salon a 10/10 for their standards, customer service, and the service in general. I truly wished that I was able to discover this gem earlier because I feel that this salon has spoiled me. If you’re interested, you can visit to book an appointment!

Hopefully, I’ll be able to find one like this in Wisconsin, but let’s be honest. I won’t.

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Looking Ahead (Again…)

So, I’ll be graduating in T minus 12 days and I’m super excited! I’ll finally receive that degree that I’ve been working my bum off for..forever. I’ll moving to a new city in a new state,and starting a new job in July. So this is definitely a new chapter in my life.

It seems so unreal that I’m sitting here, post-finals, playing Town of Salem with my roommate, and lounging around, and I’m done. I’ve ordered my cap and gown, tried on my dresses for graduation and formal. Senior week is just around the corner. Much debauchery to have and memories to be made.

There’s this sense of hope and happiness that I have knowing that I’m graduating, but I also feel sadness knowing how much everything is going to change. I won’t be returning to the familiar faces of my friends and roommates. I won’t be able to casually go to my friends’ rooms to hang out, because they’ll be thousands of miles away from me.

I’m not sweating it though. I’m looking forward to all of the things that being a working woman has to offer. I want to be able to make new friends, learn new things, drive and live by myself. I don’t want to have to depend on others for things that I want or need.


So for now, later! I’ll probably post about graduation!


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“Dealing” with Natural Hair

So the other day (meaning a long time ago), I was speaking with an older cousin of mine. By older, I mean like mid-thirties. Quite frankly, our conversation made me sad.

Basically, she pulled on one of my strands and said the following “your hair would be so long and pretty if you just put some cream in it,” by this, she means a relaxer. So, naturally, me being respectful, I just laugh and said that no I like my hair the way it is.

So then, she pretty much responds saying that my hair is just a phase, and that I’ll come to my senses, blah, blah blah. 


I love my family and all, but obviously, this pissed me off. Apparently me wearing the hair that grows out of my head in its natural form is a phase? How? When? Why? Where?

I perfectly understand that not everyone is going to accept my hair journey, but when someone belittles you for the reasoning that, get this: they failed their own natural hair journeys makes no sense to me.

Frankly, I like washing, detangling, hennaing, and just all around messing with my hair. It’s fun! I love how I can wear an afro one day, straighten it the next day, and then do something else later. Hell, I love the compliments, the stares, and the questions I get. Yeah, I know I’m unique, I’ll flaunt it!

Bottom line is, when nobody calls for you, don’t come after them.