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Get on Our Level


The other day I was scrolling through Facebook and caught a glimpse of this gem:


First of all, who the hell is the dude? Second of all…what? Not to mention, why do people think that every woman is marriage-minded?


Since when was being educated a masculine quality? This “man” looks like one of those guys that offers his “wisdom” on Facebook and only serves to show his ignorance. He probably preaches to his limited followers who probably take his words as truths.

This guy looks like the type of guy that is so afraid of an educated woman because she’ll see through the bullshit that he spews at them. He looks that the type of guy that fears the kind of confidence that an educated woman has.

He probably looks for women with the lowest kind of self esteem, butters them up with sweet words, and tears them down while saying that they can’t do any better than him and that he’s their masculine savior. He probably makes them think that their helplessness is the same thing as being feminine.

Frankly, for this dud, it’s probably less about being feminine and more about finding some chick that will wipe his ass and follow everything he says. Excuse me for my language.

So ladies and gents, continue being your best selves. There will always be some nonsense trying to entice you with sweet nothings and then try to tear you down. It happens everyday with those dudes who sing praises about your beauty and then spit fire at your soul when you don’t acknowledge them.

Keep doing your somersaults, your grinding, your learning, your advancing, because guys like these only try for your attention. Be proud of your education and let no one tear you down for that.


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