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Why We Need Beyoncé

Have you ever had those days where you listen to a great song and you just feel like you can do anything? Something that makes you feel like you’re on top of the world, like a straight up badass?

With the release of Beyoncé’s new album, “Lemonade,” I see a lot of people focusing on the infidelity aspect of the album. You can take a listen on Tidal, which is free for 30 days I believe. Anyway, I’ve seen people commenting things like “this bitch is crazy,” blah, blah, blah, yadda, yadda, irrelevance, etc. That’s great and all, we all have a bit of crazy in us. I love the humanity in this album, the anger, the sadness, the jealousy, the culture, the badassery (if that’s a word). But I choose to focus on the representation that she uses in her videos.

I could have used a role model that showed the same messages as her when I was younger. I’m not saying that Beyoncé wasn’t around when I was a child, because she was. The messages that I got from her were those of confidence. But, quite frankly, the message didn’t reach my heart, because as I’ve previously written, I was a tiny dark-skinned child with little confidence and society was doing nothing to help that.

Now as an adult, well kind of, my heart melts when she showcases Blue Ivy, with her cute little afro with the lyrics “I like my baby with baby hair and afro. I like my Negro nose with Jackson Five nostrils.” She showcases the beauty of her child after all of the attacks on her innocence. People talking about how her hair needs to be combed and how Beyoncé is a bad mother for having her leave the house like that. This little girl is perfect the way she is. She is beautiful, and Beyoncé will not let society degrade her baby.

Beyoncé’s use of so many black women with their diverse shades, textures, and talents gave me life. I honestly wanted to just rip these braids out and wave my afro around, but too bad I paid $100 to install them. Soon enough though. But I digress. This representation of black women who were doing so much, so much ballet, so much sports, singing, poetry, among others, shows, especially for the younger ladies and gents, how much beauty and potential. The light ones, the dark ones, and the ones in-between all know that they are beautiful. They all know that they can slay.

I love Beyoncé for showing them that. I only hope that they will take that to heart.



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