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Sweets ‘n Eats

So to commemorate another Sunday being alive, I decided to go to brunch with two of my favorite ladies. I say to because quite a few were missing, but that’s not the point. Brunch is always a great way to unwind and catch up with people that you miss. So, we chose this nice little hole in the wall eatery called “Brickway on Wickenden.”

Yep it’s pretty much a hole in the wall, one where you have to walk down a rather short alley to get in, but it’s cozy nonetheless. We had to wait about fifteen minutes, which wasn’t too bad, especially since it was, you know, 11am, on a Sunday. So, yeah. We were in there lightning fast.

I should probably preface the rest of this with the fact that I love sweets. They’re my life, my love, my everything. So naturally, I ordered french toast with strawberries and some hot chocolate, and by God, were they delicious.

The hot chocolate was rich and sweet, which is something that I tend to not find often. Normally when I order hot chocolate they tend to be thin, way too sweet, and just a straight up disappointment. As for the french toast, it was delectable. It had this great chewy texture, a slight crisp, and it wasn’t soggy. Like at all. This, paired with the strawberries, was even better because of the sweetness of the warm french toast coupled with the cool and tart strawberries just made for a great start to my Sunday.

My lovelies also had some really great looking food with the Brickway Benedict and the Albuquerque omelette. So, if you’re in the Providence, RI area, I would definitely recommend this for breakfast, lunch, or brunch! Unfortunately, it closes at 3pm, but it’s especially good for us poor university students and other people on budgets because you get fresh ingredients, for a better price! The restaurant, unfortunately closes at 3pm.


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