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Why are people always trying to put each other down? Every time I go online, someone, usually some attention-seeking woman, posts something like: 12046693_1661383437451670_2685600402066534320_n

Ok great cool. I mean, good for her that she found someone that was willing to push themselves to be successful. He’s worked hard and he sure as hell didn’t lay up on the couch just saying that he was going to do something. So don’t hate on me for pushing myself and then not necessarily wanting to have someone who is barely there. There will be those men who push themselves, but there are also bum, so yeah.

There’s that and then I’m hit with something like :


Yeah…No. Honestly,I love wearing shorts. I love my tank tops, I love my body. Not to mention, calling someone a slut just because of how they dress is just downright shameful. Like, really? Me exposing my skin puts me in a bad light just because some pervy dude can’t keep his dick in check? Ok, bye.

So when I found this article on Blavity. I couldn’t help but die. It was so accurate. It was beautiful. I love seeing ignorant people get dragged, but this was a wonderful manner to throw shade at those people who put other people down for their own benefits.I mean come on ladies (and gents, because I’ve definitely seen some of that), if you’re really willing to put up with some of these lowlife men or women, then you need a reality check and some self esteem.

Anyway, enjoy your days. Keep your heads up and love yourselves, you know, without putting other people down.



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