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About that, Gloria Steinem…

I’m going to preface this whole post with the fact that I hate politics. It’s messy, complicated, sometimes violent, and just a hot mess. But, this time around, especially as it is my first time being able to vote in something as big as the primaries and, eventually, the presidential election, I want to make it count. I’ve done my research, watched debates, and I’ve done a lot of thinking. So when I read and heard that Gloria Steinem said to Bill Maher that the young women who support Bernie Sanders are only doing so because there will be boys there, obviously I was not too pleased.

This past weekend, I was in New Hampshire canvassing for Bernie Sanders because his views fall more into line with mine. I support everything that he says. I support the fact that more taxes should be levied on the wealthy. I support the fact that we should invest more in education. I support the fact that receiving a college education should not put people into crippling debt and that public colleges should be free. I mean, in this world, a college education has become a necessity and we are not only competing with people in this country, but within other countries. How does it look when many people in our country are unable to afford a tertiary education while people in other countries can get one for free?

This man has been preaching equality since day one and people are against him because they think that he’s too radical. All of these ideas have been implemented somewhere and he’s accounted for all of his proposals. What’s so wrong about making billionaires pay their dues? What’s the need for all these billions of dollars stashed away in other countries? What’s the need for all this greed?

I refuse to vote for someone because of their gender. I certainly will not vote for someone because of their race either. I mean no disrespect for Hillary, because I respect her for everything she’s done as a woman in politics. I respect her for braving the political landscape filled with misogyny and hate. I still remember that heckler in 2008, who yelled at her to iron his shirt. I admire how collected she was. But I’m not voting for her. My views don’t align with hers. I respect her, but she’s not my candidate. Bernie is. I will support him as much as I can. Also the GOP is just a mess. Honestly.


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