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What’s in a name….

Having a unique name sucks. I guess to our parents, our names would be cool and we’d be their unique little nuggets, but for us, it’s just a constant montage of people absolutely destroying our names. For me, that was today. I went to the mailroom for my university in order to pick up my bathing suit for my swimming class that starts tomorrow (yay). Let me preface this with the fact that my name is two syllables. It rhymes with such words as, squeak, meek, unique, and cheek. Somehow, this lady made my name rhyme with “thank you.” Yep. I was so horrified that I just stared at her. I was just like “is she calling for me or…?” Wut. I think the guy next to her saw my face because he looked at the package with my name and whispered my actual name to her.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my name. Despite all of the issues that I’ve had with it, it’s a part of my identity. It’s how my family and friends know me. I have no nickname at the moment. I grew out of all of them. But sometimes, I just wonder if my life would be easier if I just switched my first and middle name. I’ve experimented with it. Used it for job and graduate school applications. Considered using that name when I leave school. For me, it’s not really bizarre when strangers use my middle name. However, when my friends even utter my middle name, it just feels foreign to me. I kind of feel like I’m abandoning some important part of me. Sooo, I think for now, I’ll use my actual name with my family and friends. Then I’ll figure out what to do when I meet new prospective friends, let’s see which comes naturally to me. I’ll always be myself, so I doubt that some name change will make much of a difference. I mean, how does the saying go? “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”



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