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Get Me Bodied

I know I already wrote something about body and fitness yesterday, but I’m still on it. So whatever. Has anyone realized how bodies have changed throughout the past few years? My roomie and I were watching the video to “Lady Marmalade” and I realized that Lil’ Kim, Christina Aguilera, Mya, and Pink had really normal bodies. Not exaggerated hips. No superboobs. When the video for “Lady Marmalade” came out, I was a kid. I was young enough to not notice bodies, but at that point I was impressionable enough. I know that people are going to say “why were you watching those videos anyway?” But I was, that’s the point. Hell I even say that about kids nowadays, but I’m rambling.

Even as an adult, even though I sometimes don’t feel quite adult, I hadn’t realized up until a few weeks ago what a woman’s body looks like. I would always look at myself and say things like “if only my boobs were a cup bigger (I’m barely a B-cup)” or “if only my waist was a bit narrower” or “if only my stomach was flatter.” Essentially, if all of these things in me were “correct” then I would have a super curvy super toned body. And I don’t, and I never will, and that’s okay. My body is perfect for me, I’m healthy. When I go to the gym, I look around and realize that there are so many healthy women with so many healthy types of bodies. And that’s okay. We as women and men need to remember that we’re all different, there is no need to adhere to a certain kind of ideal that is thrust at us! Learn to love yourselves. It takes time, but seeing all the good things makes it worthwhile.


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