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Society is so bloody irritating

With all this Stacey Dash bull. Honestly, she’s probably reveling in all this attention that she’s getting from both the mainstream media and social media. Granted, I find some of these clapbacks against her quite hilarious.

But, let’s let her regress back to her irrelevance and speak about something of actual importance. I find society so damned annoying that I tend to just tune out any issues that I see. I avoid reading comments because no matter what the issue is about, someone is alway tweeting some racially-charged shit, that came literally out of nowhere! We could be talking about cute puppies and then some dude comes around talking about “how Muslims are a destructive breed that needs to be eliminated.” It sure as hell doesn’t end there, because we all know that there’s always that person advocating for the separation of the races and how we should all begin a new society in Africa, acting as if Africa is a country and that they understand the intricacies of the diversity in cultures within a given African country, but whatever. Not to mention the fact that black in America means very different things among those within the “community.”

Actually, that’s another thing that will always confuse me. What exactly is the black community? Am I expected to feel a sense of community with someone else because we have a similar amount of melanin? In reality, I tend to be less connected with African-Americans than I would with someone else from the Caribbean or from West African countries. And that does not necessarily translate into being black, it’s because of culture. Even now, I realize that most of my friends that are black, are either from the Caribbean or from African countries. My other friends also tend to be from immigrant families. So we tend to share similar outlooks, practices, habits, and stories.

Back to my point though. As humans, we’ve been separated by geography and time, so we’ve evolved different cultures, skin colors, eye colors, hair types and colors, among many other traits. I pretty much have to echo the picture below:


People tend to appreciate the varying traits among other species, praising them for their diversity and all. But when it comes to our own diversity, we instead have hate, racism, segregation, and inequality in general. We make of names for other groups based on their skin color. We create norms that exclude other groups and understate the beauty that can be found in all people. We make people hate their own God-given skin and hair creating such terms as “coolie” or “nappy” (which I’m glad people are starting to re-appropriate and use in a positive manner, but there’s always that one ignorant douche), which is a whole different story that I’m probably going to write about, but for now this blog is too long. Society is bloody irritating because these slight differences in ourselves, things that we’ve adapted to survive, are things that we fight about, and are things that historically have led to the need at certain points for groups to arrange around to acknowledge their own talents. Essentially, our slight differences have led to the hot mess that is Stacey Dash. With that being said, welcome to my blog, I guess. Let me know what you guys think!


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